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Crazytalk411 is a brand new show this coming year starting in January 2013 if we make it past the Mayan Calendar tomorrow.
We will be heard on KTKK 630 AM. Be seen on KPDR Channel 19 and Tuff TV and on the web at
Please like us at

Most of all thank you we want you to get involved and participate this show is going to be VERY different from the other firearms oriented shows you see today. Primarily because we want people to have fun! The shooting sports can address some very serious topics, and be VERY serious business at times. But the fact is, many shows you see today, and people in the community take it, and themselves way to seriously. When it stops being fun for you, or you make it stop being fun for someone else, it is time to get out of the sport and do something else. Maybe take up needle point or something like that. The show is going to cover a lot of different topics, firearms from every aspect. You will see product reviews of not only firearms but also knives, field equipment, tactical gear, places to go and shoot or just be outside having fun. We will be talking about preparedness and survival as well. While we may use the term "Zombie Apocalypse" it is just our general catch all term for anything and everything that could arise in a disaster or emergency situation. After all, we were doing the "zombie" thing long before it was cool.

Mitch Vilos, Utah's renowned and beloved author on gun rights and the law will be answering questions about legal issues, Crystal Perry will be covering the firearms related issues from the Hill and women's self-defense issues. Paul Faletto is my co-host and man about town while Tyle White is the blade and unarmed combatives expert. Andy Faletto is one of our armorers and shooters while Noah Tramposh will be addressing all of your survival and preparedness questions.

We will be exploring more contributors as new topics arise, and would love to hear from you and questions you may have or topics you would like to see addressed. Thanks for tuning in to our shows as they become available, and tell your friends! We want to hear from YOU!